Ducumentation center

The CEDOC or Centre de Documentation - Documentation Centre is situated in the Royal Army Museum in Brussels . It contains a remarkable collection of documentation on tanks and armored vehicles from all over the world . Researchers , vehicle owners , modellers , journalists and writers tank publications know this wealth of information and images very appreciate .

Initially jumps while the extensive collection of technical manuals in the eye . TM's ( technical manual ) of trucks, jeeps and tanks is complemented by a series of tutorials on their engines , weapons and systems . It mainly on the ( American and English) equipment used by the Belgian army and . Over the years, however, there are also a lot of other TMs added, for example Russian and German vehicles .

We also have an extensive library of publications on the subject of tanks and armored vehicles . This will be constantly updated with the latest books and magazines that deal with the history of development and use of this material .

Our photo collection shows just salivating any tank enthusiast . The countless folders are full of historical photographs . Naturally, this makes the material used in the main part of Belgium . The FT - 17 from the First World War , the T - 13 and ACG - 1 from the interwar period , the vehicles of the Brigade Piron , the different versions Sherman , M24 Chaffee , M26 Pershing and M47 Patton naoorloogse star and last but not least the Leopard 1 ... are but a few examples of the vehicles whose thousands of pictures can be found in our archives .

The CEDOC is freely available to our members . For other interested parties is sometimes an administrative fee requested. In any case, you can always best to contact the staff of the CEDOC . Who are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at your disposal .

If necessary, they will propose a date you can get access to. Documentation in Brussels In other cases, there is a possibility that one you send copies of the documentation.
Obviously not close the eyes to CEDOC technical developments . Its employees undertake a serious effort to TM and photos now also digitally available to . In this case, the desired documents or pictures by e - mail can be sent .

Do you still own documentation and / or photos of tanks, such from your service in the army , and you want to give a useful purpose ? Do not hesitate to contact the CEDOC , and wear your contribution to our rich collection .